Google Chrome’s Duplicate Tab

A few years ago, I was reading a Jakob Nielsen’s “Alertbox” newsletter that declared right-mouse-clicks as an advanced user technique.  The first time I read that, I was sure it had to be a mistake or some kind of April Fool’s joke.

After all, how difficult can it be to click the other mouse button?

But as I watched my colleagues over the following weeks, I realized it wasn’t how to right-click that was so hard . . . it was knowing when & where it is most beneficial to do so.

For example, suppose you are browsing Harry’s product line, and want to stay on “The Truman” razor in one tab, but also have “The Winston” razor open in a second tab so you can switch back and forth between them as you compare their features.  There are many ways you can accomplish this goal, but one of the most efficient is to right-click on the tab of the page, and select “Duplicate” from the menu that appears.

This will create a second identical tab (including back-button history!) that you can use to go elsewhere, while keeping the first tab on its original page.  It’s simple and straight-forward, but if you didn’t know right clicking on a browser tab would bring up a menu of tab-related functions, you’d never know that feature existed.

And you’re welcome.  🙂