The House of Cards Drinking Game (Unofficial)

“There are two kinds of pain . . . the sort of pain that makes you strong, or useless pain.”

(This would be about the latter kind of pain, in case you are wondering.)

The rules are simple enough. Drink whenever:

  • Frank Underwood “breaks the fourth wall/talks to the audience”
    [ 1 oz. shot – Blanton’s bourbon ] 
  • Claire Underwood goes running
    [ 1 oz. shot – Blanton’s bourbon ] 
  • an explicit sex act is shown
    [ drink one Whiskey Sour ] 
  • Someone gets murdered
    [ smash the bottle and suck on a Maraschino Cherry stem for the rest of the night. ] 
  • You watch an entire episode w/o the “Loading, please wait . . . ” message interrupting.
    [ switch to heroin. (just kidding!) ]