Once upon a time, I worked for a department with an enormous website.  This website consisted of more than 18,000 static files scattered through dozens of subdirectories. Some folders had a structure reflecting the office hierarchy, while others were put in the root to create URLs that were “shorter and easier to remember.”

As if that weren’t complicated enough, the website had over a dozen webmasters who could add, change or delete the web server’s files any time they wanted to do so.

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Alice + Bob = Calculus? (Just kidding!)

Some people count sheep when they can’t get to sleep.

I create math puzzles when I wake up too early.

Here is my latest:

Alice is 10 years old and just got a newborn baby brother, Bob. Although he will always be ten years younger than she, there will be a point in time when Bob’s age is less than half of Alice’s age.

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