Thought Experiment for June 2014

I’d like to conduct a little thought experiment with your input and feedback. Here’s a topical one:

Let’s say I worked for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs in their IT support staff. I had no knowledge of nor involvement in the recent controversy/allegations about secret waiting lists, false statistics, etc. that may have resulted in the neglect or deaths of veterans. 

My friend, a returned soldier with injuries who isn’t getting the assistance he needs, has told me my employer has harmed him and his family and that our friendship is pretty much over.

Is my friend being unfair? Or should I understand my choice of employers affects my reputation, friendships, etc.?

I look forward to your responses and insights.

One Reply to “Thought Experiment for June 2014”

  1. Yes your friend is being a bit unfair, but it is understandable. Your fiend does need a little bit more information before he starts condemning those who work for any agency that is dependent on 535 people who have 535 thoughts about how much money the VA should have and how much care the veterans should get. If he sees where the problems are in getting the money from the source to the vet, your friend can decide whether or not to protest his treatment. The projection onto you is wrong but you can see how that would happen.

    As to your reputation being affected by your employer? Yes, it can. If you work for a company, church or political institution that is known for actions it has taken, such as the KKK, Westboro or the Nazis then your reputation and your friendships could easily be threatened, whether you agree with your employers’ actions or not. You do need to understand that your employer reflects on you in the same manner that you reflect on them.

    Nuff said.

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