2017 Recap

I dislike New Year’s Resolutions, but I also think an important part of mindfulness– and arguably, gratitude– is taking time to note the end of the current year and reflect upon what one has managed to accomplish. Here’s my 2017 in a nutshell, so I can stop that interior monologue of “I didn’t accomplish anything in 2017” whenever I feel tempted to compare my progress against someone else’s:

  1. ReFi my mortgage and HELOC. (This has made a significant improvement in my financial situation compared to 2016, and mitigated a lot of potential damage when interest rates began climbing this year.)
  2. Put a freeze on my credit history with all three credit bureaus (to prevent people from opening new loans under my identity as a result of the Equifax breach).
  3. Resolved the Windows 10 update/fail/rollback loop that plagued my desktop for months as a result of the “Fall Creators Update.”
  4. Had two wisdom teeth extracted after more than a decade of procrastinating.
  5. Read 41 books (including the Bone and Sandman series, so can I have my damn “geek card” back now?)
  6. Upgraded to a new Android 7 phone.
  7. Got acquainted with ECMAScript 6; also built my first Anki deck.