My 2020 In A Nutshell

  1. Got dumped by my so-called “Life Partner” (Good riddance to her & her dog)
  2. Sold my townhouse rental property
  3. Paid off all my debt (i.e. mortgage, HELOC)
  4. Got very sick, was diagnosed with Adenovirus, lost 10lbs. in 3 days.
  5. Bought solar panels, new roof and upgraded electrical panel for my primary residence
  6. Used Rewards Card benefit from home improvements to buy a new Google Pixel 4a
  7. Memorized the Aronson Stack, but epically failed my Goodreads Challenge
  8. Doubled my 401(K) contribution percentage, invested in the stock market
  9. Deliberately continued my weight loss by switching to Huel Black Edition
  10. Learned I had COVID-19 instead of Adenovirus & now have the long-term antibodies

It’s been a profoundly disturbing year, but also a remarkable one. For example, I’ve made more money this year than ever before, but my opinion of women (as trustworthy partners in a monogamous relationship) has never been lower. I’ve gotten farther in my Spanish learning than ever before, but don’t have any friends or acquaintances I’m particularly interested in speaking with in Spanish for practice (or vice versa). You get the idea– a lot of Yin and Yang packed into twelve months, and no reason to believe the next year is going to be any different.

In other words, strap in– I’ve got a feeling this is going to be a crazy roller coaster!