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I do not consider myself a “people person.” I never know what to say to motivate them, or get them to listen, or get them to consider an alternate point of view, or console them when they grieve.

Sometimes this genuinely bothers me. Other times, my antipathy and indifference makes me wonder if my heart has stopped beating and I’ve somehow died without realizing it. Continue reading “Slider”

How to Fix Texter When It “Stutters”

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Turning off the Universal Spelling Autocorrect Setting
How to Fix Texter When It “Stutters”

I recently had need for a text expander tool on a Windows 7 PC.  After a little Google searching, I wound up using Adam Pash’s Texter.  It’s free, simple, and lightweight.  Unfortunately, after a few hours of use, I discovered that it had a “stutter.”  By which I mean, when I typed ‘another’, I would wind up looking at either ‘aanother’ or ‘anotherr’.

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix.  If you open up Texter’s preferences, you’ll see a setting for “Enable Universal Spelling AutoCorrect.”  If you remove the checkmark beside that setting, you will find the “stutter” goes away.