Workaround for “Add From Selection” bug in Code Snippets Plugin

I’ve found the “Add From Selection” functionality of the Code Snippets plugin has a tendency to crash Notepad++. It had been reported as an issue but does not appear to have been resolved or assigned yet, unfortunately.

The good news is, there’s a fairly trivial workaround for it in the interim. Instead of using “Add From Selection”, use the Copy command (Ctrl + C on Windows) to copy the selection into the system Clipboard, and then use the “Add From Clipboard” option instead.

The Mi Box’s “WiFi password not valid” issue

A friend was having trouble connecting her Mi Box (an Android 6.0 TV appliance with an impressive feature set) to her WiFi. The Mi Box could see the SSID, but whenever she connected to it and entered the password, the Mi Box responded with “WiFi password not valid.”

Long story short, the WiFi’s WPA2-PSK security was preventing the Mi Box from connecting.  We temporarily disabled the security long enough for the Mi Box to connect and download an Android system update (Under About, System Update– it’s ~616 MB download to jump to Android TV 8), then disconnected/forgot the network, re-enabled the WiFi security features, and successfully re-connected the Mi Box.

Hope this helps someone else out.